Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mathematics of Worth

Do you ever weigh your options based on worth?

For instance, you decide to take a pay cut for a new job in a new field because through the mathematics of your decision strategies you've determined: 
New Job - Pay = New Experience = Higher Pay Eventually. 

I'm sure that basketball player Richard Jefferson must have had an equation for his decision to dump his fiance the day of their wedding: Expensive Wedding - Commitment = Life Long Happiness. 

I ask, because I wonder why no genius has yet to come up with a definite equation for figuring out if your choices will be worth it? Does the Fibonacci sequence cover this? Golden ratio anyone? Can't Apple make an iphone application for this? Decision making would be clearly easier, less prone to drastic mistakes, more reliable. Of course we humans would need to actually think less, which, may not be worth the pay-off. The inactivity of logic exercise could negatively impact our brain functionality. Chimps would rule the world. While I don't feel I've made any detrimental mistakes thus far...for some reason this idea kept me up all night. Wondering why worth weighing couldn't just be simpler? Why'd I take all that math in college if I can't figure this out?

But, it's Friday and this probably only makes sense to me. Cheers to "worth it" decisions all weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

Fibonacci? Show-off...