Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why is it Always the Girl's Fault?

Did you hear? Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are finished. Yup, the perpetually pictured love birds had a love that could no longer endure dinners at Tao and Dallas Cowboy football games. Apparently she was pressuring him for the honor of being her second husband. In related news, Jessica's ex Nick Lachey and his girlfriend Vanessa Minillo ALSO suffered a break. This break-up supposedly occurred because Vanessa insisted he buy her a 10 carat engagement ring. This sent Nick back to the 'hood in Ohio to find a girl who believes carats are something you eat with ranch dip. 

The common thread between these break-ups? They both were the female's fault. Obviously. Of course the only reason why couples part is because the woman demands something unrealistic. If a woman would just keep her mouth shut and do as she's told, speak only when spoken to, and take what she gets- relationships would float in a harmony similar to being on Quaaludes. Look at Jennifer Aniston! If only she'd stop demanding her boyfriend of the month make her pregnant. And Jennifer Love Hewitt, she always gets broken up with because she's super needy. Kate Hudson? Her too. 

Gimme a break. When will the media start turning things on the boys for fun? Obviously they have no real idea why these couples split, half the time I'm betting it's a direct order from their publicists. How about the story of John Mayer? I'm quite certain his relationships fail because he requires his sig other to listen to him blab about his personal feelings no less than 3 hours per day while staring at him stare at himself in the mirror. He probably hands them lists of daily affirmations they must read to him throughout the day, like "John Mayer,  you are a God." This would surely sell a US Weekly magazine! In all the various relationships I have had, not one of them have ended because 1) I am too needy, 2) I want to get pregnant, 3) I want to get married. Not one. I'm ready to see a new, make believe side of relationship ends! Otherwise, what do we have to aspire to?

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