Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Wouldn't You Get Engaged?

On this week's season finale of The Bachelorette (yes, I watch it, for research purposes of course) lucky giggles girl Jillian had not one, but three men vying for her hand in marriage! Wowsa. Just when she thought she'd have to date a lumberjack in the woods of Canada, in the short filming period of her reality show she got three men to fall madly deeply in love with her. And because television rules the world, she had to decide which man she would marry on strict programming deadline. Myself I'd be a bit skeptical. Even if I had three handsome, chiseled and seemingly sweat-hearted men professing love...I might have a hard time committing to the sacrament of marriage under such pressures and time constraints. I mean, I can't commit in front of the world and then back out! I'd look like a total b*tch.

But then I saw the ring she gets. Neil Lane bizillion carats. Why the heck not accept the proposal? In fact, she should accept all three. Then when she breaks them all off she can take the rings, sell them, and move to the french countryside where nobody watches reality shows.

UPDATE: Love this. Read this.

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