Friday, July 31, 2009

When the Weekend Scares You

One thing none of us can deny is that the older we get, the less stamina for college-like partying we have. Irrelevant of actual age, things like jobs & responsibilities slow us down. Kids and husbands for some. Pets and plants for others. No longer is the girl who could stay out at the bar until 2:30am and wake up to take her finals the next morning. Back then it helped with my stressing out. Now I dial it way back and go out until 11pm (going out consists of two glasses of wine). This is still pretty good though. I know people who go to bed at 9pm. On weekends. I also still know people who do go out until 2:30am on weeknights. Believe I'm a respectable in-between. Sometimes average is good.

But as my fun weekend rears its' head, I admit to being slightly scared. Two days with promised partying environments? Scheduled activities revolving around the consumption of alcohol? Actual Beer Olympics. Am I ready for this? I'm no slosh, never have I been the wasted girl saying inappropriate things acting all Tara Reid. I'm no "Wild On" host. But I participate, and wow am I competitive. Take alcohol and pair it with a competition and things could get scary. And it's not that I'm worried about the actual events to be attended- I'm worried about the aftermath. I'm worried I won't be able to go for a run on Sunday. I'm worried 2 days of partying could make my mind mush when it comes to Monday job requirements. Pathetic.

Yup, I'm definitely getting older. Or, is it wiser?

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