Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And, Now What? (Twiddle My Thumbs)

Are you ever hit the the case of "what's nexts"?

I'm hit with this affliction often. Job's going well enough, family seems somewhat stable, love life is fine...but what next? The stifling and suffocating hold of potential opportunity, ideas of the future, new territories to explore. Only I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is I'm craving next. Perhaps I just need a goal? Like, a real goal. I've never had some deadline induced goal where I must complete X by day Y. I'm not really sure this practice accomplishes anything but making one feel as if they gave themselves an attainable goal so they can boost their self-esteem (perhaps my goal should be reviewing and mastering proper English, as I'm quite certain my use of "one" and "they" is all very wrong). The problem with this unsettling syndrome is I start to lay my life's components under a microscope of scrutiny. Everything is fair game, all is up for negotiation. How exhausting. And what's to come of all this analyzing?

No clue. I must wonder with all this agonizing if I simply need to buy a plant or something.

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