Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Men Move On (Much Quicker)

Good old MSN dating and relationships brought another topic to mind today. Of course, my opinion is quite different from theirs. Why is it that men seem to move on so quickly? From breakups that is. They don't move on from most things that occur in their twenties for a really really long time. Possibly never.

A breakup for a woman is usually a big deal, unless she found her new beau before dropping the old one. Men participate in this practice just as often- thus we'll cancel the entire phenomena and return to the topic at hand: men drop women like fantasy baseball drafts. They size up and rate all the eligible players, generally go for the high profile picks (think hot flirty types who like to do body shots and are a good ten years their junior), commit to their pick, and as soon as there is the slightest hint of faltering (like she dares to ask him if he is serious about her or if he ever wants to get married) and then he drops her from his team and looks for a trade (for the girl who started flirting with him via text as soon as he committed). And it's done and they move on as if nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile, the girl who got dropped is at home SOBBING. Wondering what went wrong? The ratio is a woman tends to mourn a relationship demise for at least a week per day the male even entertained the breakup in his mind. He's out partying with his friends (Tony Romo) as quickly as he can get to a bar (and of course, his friends LIVE for breakups so there can be quality girlfriend-free male rallying) while she's feeling down and out and has no desire to be in public where she must endure groups of sloppy drunk men rallying because they are single and free.

Why is this?

MSN blames it on men not liking to be alone. Which, yes, I agree with. Men are big babies. But you know what? It's our fault, because women love to baby them. It's nature. Is it because men care less? I would love to say so, but I've had too many male friends have their heart's broken and know firsthand it's possible for a man to feel just as depressed about a break-up as a woman.

Alas, I have no answer. All I know, is with shows like Entourage on HBO it's a wonder all men don't pack their bags and move to LA on the idea that there are horny women everywhere looking to lay down with the slightest nod their way.

If you feel like reading the MSN article

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