Wednesday, August 5, 2009

As You Get Older, You Care Less

The good thing about getting older is that I no longer give a F about certain things. Not that I've given up on laws or morality or human interaction or liking babies, but I have come to the conclusion some of the unique perceptions/tendencies I hold that people criticize- I simply do not care. So I'm different from the "mass" ideas and opinions? Good. Things like:

1) I think Michael Franti sucks. Yeah, you heard that right. His songs are lame and remind me of karaoke on spring break.
2) I think coffee for breakfast, edamame for lunch, some jicama and hummus for snack, and a bottle of champagne for dinner is a perfectly acceptable diet. You just wait, I'll be writing the next best-seller, "The Skinny Healthy Drunk Diet"
3) The movie Hangover is not that funny. Zoolander kicks it's ass.
4) Speaking of movies, Pirates of the Caribbean made me feel like I was stuck in a coma while forced to watch the same scene over and over again for 2.5 hours while I silently died from boredom.
5) I like super skinny and beautiful Hollywood actresses & actors. If I wanted to see average people I'd just go to the State Fair.

Feels good to just let that all out.

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Nickname unavailable said...

love #2. maybe i'll try that tomorrow.