Monday, August 3, 2009

Post Party Depression

Do you sometimes feel anxious, worthless and fatigued? Unmotivated, dehydrated, and the compulsive urge to eat unhealthy fare? The inability to see the light in the Monday to come? The excitement of a party weekend can trigger a multitude of powerful emotions from happiness to glee to drunken high-but it can also result in something you may not expect. Something no one talks about yet often experience- Post Party Depression. It's an illness, and it's real. I know, because I Girltwentiesh am a sufferer.

Post Party depression can develop after any party, not just a party weekend. The risk increases if:
-You saw grown men race red tricycles
-You indulged in several Suck and Blow shots
-You saw 40 lobsters inhaled by a group of drunk and exhausted adults from Beer Olympics
-A gorgeous pool and/or boat were involved
-You successfully* drank 4 martinis at opening ceremony (*the means without becoming ill or obnoxious)
-You were asked the same question by the same people no less than 5 times but didn't care because you also couldn't remember
-You've experienced post party depression in the past

There are no specific causes for post party depression. Physical, emotional and lifestyle factors may all play a role:
-If your friends suck, you have a 0% chance of contracting the illness
-Great alcoholic beverage choices, in unlimited quantities, increase your risk substantially
-If you hate your job, be very cautious, as you may have a hard time handling even the slightest PPD
-If you experience difficulty in remember your actions during the party, seek emergency attention. Flashbacks and repressed
memories can be detrimental to your recovery

While PPD is difficult to recover from, treatment is available. The most common cure of post party depression is planning another party. IMMEDIATELY.


Carver said...

I apologize that, as a grown man, I contributed to your post-party depression ;-). But I bet mine was worse.

Girl Twentiesh said...

Fortunately there is a support group you can join:
HHAAD (Happy Hour Always All Days).