Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey You- With the Cell Phone at the Gym! You're Annoying.

The following is a Public Service Announcement from Girl Twentiesh:

The gym is a place to sweat out your stresses, burn some cals, get out aggression, focus on me time. While on your cardio machine of choice, acceptable forms of personal entertainment are: books, ipods, magazines, television viewing and staring at the butt of the person on the treadmill in front of you. 

A very unlawful activity in the gym is talking on your cell phone. Newsflash! The rest of us have zero interest in your personal dilemmas while we workout. As you beg your father to go to Target to buy you feminine products that fit your underwear (actual overheard conversation) I am neither impressed nor is it aiding my ability to complete my own workout in the privacy of my Fitness magazine. Not to mention, do you honestly think if you have enough breath to have a full on convo with your BFF while on the Stairmaster that you're doing any good? You're not. If you're going to annoy the shit out of me, at least be in your fat burning zone.

Brought to you by people who really workout.


DaniColoredGlasses said...

mouth AGAPE !

Girl Twentiesh said...

I know- I'm ashamed that this is 100% true!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree 100%. NOTHING IS MORE ANNOYING.