Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The One

The famously romantic title given to that person, that one human being who can fulfill your heart and soul in the perfect pairing of two: The One. Or rather, "one" big joke?

I vividly remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie confirms what she believes to be just a fling to actually be a real love interest in the artist Petrovsky. He's romantic and smart and talented and women adore him- so naturally Carrie assumed her interactions with him to be nothing but a rendezvous. When she discovers she has real feelings for him, she decides to break everything off knowing her heart will be at risk. Yet he does the unthinkable and professes his wish to be with her in a serious committed relationship. From then on Carrie thinks he could be "the one" and after all, the ex-love-of-her-life continually cheats on her and demonstrates a reluctance to show she's important in his life. Petrovsky professes his love and adoration for Carrie...everything she's always wanted to hear. The One. I have to admit, I fell in love with him too. I secretly wished his real-life clone could discover me at an art show. Unlikely for me. 

Obviously this is a TV show and not real, but this theme of finding "the one" continues past the tube.  Everybody talks about it. But is it even possible? To have someone flourish you with everything and also be the perfect match for you? The one person in all of the world who was created for you? Marriage certainly doesn't measure this for everyone. Hopeless romantic I am, I still have hope this is true. If we can dream up themes for television, surely it can come true in life. From the beginning of growing up as a little girl, we're taught to believe in Prince Charming and his sweeping us off our feet into bliss.  I could go the cynic route and call this pathetic dreaming, but I prefer to believe in love and the possibility of "the one." Only the real way it unfolds is he sweeps you off your feet, drops you in a few puddles, steps on your hair, and then eventually carries you through the door. Flawed, but my "the one" would be nothing else. 

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