Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When the Daughter is a Lost Cause

Parents are the people we go to for unconditional pep talks. To assure us there is always hope, to be truthful but our greatest cheerleader, to help us wipe away the tears of life's unfairness and boost us back to functionality.

Only, I think mine have given up on me.
Which basically means I'm a lost cause.
Maybe there is a reality show for me.
(Granted, I only have half a set of parents. Mom in heaven is probably cheering me on, but it doesn't do me much good down here)

But I'm pretty sure my father is just wondering to himself why he couldn't have a normal daughter that either worked her way through law school or got married and had a kid or two. Like her sister. I see his head shaking, wondering where he went wrong? Could the Army have saved her? At least she'd have no problem finding a husband there. It's getting late for me to do anything normal with my life. He's lost the ability to sympathize with my whining and instead has resorted to agreeing with me. Which...doesn't really work the way I want it to. If I'm telling my dad life sucks- he's not supposed to tell me it does! He's not supposed to say, "Yeah, I wouldn't want my life that way." Now where can I go to with my woe is me act? I guess I could create an alter ego on facebook and get all inspirational friends from churches and born agains and weird people who are always ecstatic about life. Surely I could garner a little selfish support from them.

Or- I could auction myself off on ebay? Lost Cause for sale. Guess there are options.

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