Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook is Meaner Than High School

Have you ever thought about how mean Facebook is? It's the ultimate clique! When people send me a friend request and I question 1) Who are they? 2) Why do they want to be my friend?-I'm enveloped by a huge sense of guilt if I don't accept their friendship. It's easier to just avoid someone in person without the big denial of "ignore this friend request." Maybe they won't notice, but then again, maybe they have a voodoo doll of me to punish my denial. I do have a pretty bad earache and fever today...suspect....very suspect. H1N1? Nope, Facebook retaliation.

Then there is the whole relationship status issue. This just goes way too far. Nobody needs to know if I'm in a relationship, single, dating three people, a hermit, a polygamist, etc. And nobody needs to know how often this changes. If you are in a committed relationship and don't "declare" on Facebook, then your significant other thinks you're hiding something! It's a lose lose situation. But when it doesn't work out because he started an emotional affair with one of your other Facebook friends via your wall- your whole network gets to witness you breaking up.

Of course there is the option of not using Facebook at all. Why complain about something I can change? But not using Facebook is like not having a phone. Society will shun me and I'll no longer have any friends at all. I just want everyone to get along, be nice, and not be personally humiliated. And, not be tagged in unflattering photos.

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