Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Single Girls Do Not Want to Steal Your Boyfriend

It's come to my attention recently that single girls raise the security level up to red in mixed social situations. And I feel discriminated against.

Contrary to what you may believe, I have zero interest in stealing your boyfriend. Because of my single status, I do not believe I should be quarantined away from all males just so you can feel safe. I act no differently to friendly males when in or out of a relationship. In fact, I suck at flirting even with men I like, so my being within 30 ft of your boyfriend is not going to cause some sort of outbreak of crazy single girl hormones poisoning the men around her.

Another reason I'm not going to steal your boyfriend? He's your boyfriend. Used goods are not appealing. Nor is being the flavor of the day. Nor are weak men. There is not one attractive reason to burglarizing a boyfriend. I'll pay full in cash, thank you. And I don't buy fakes. Just because I am not in a Facebook announced committed relationship does not mean I don't have my own things going on anyway. Please. Being jealous over harmless, goofy girls is so 1998.

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