Monday, October 12, 2009

I Am Ok Today

Sometimes it's an amazing moment to really realize that I'm okay. I really am. And yesterday I felt an epiphany on how very happy I am. Stresses and mishaps and disappointments can muddle everything up to convince me life is cloudy. Yet yesterday in the solitude of crisp air and a serene 4 mile run I realized how content I am. Life is not bad when the clouds clear. Not bad at all. Call it fall sentimentality, but I am very blessed to have a ridiculously large and loving family. Nephews and a niece that squeal with excitement to see me. Grandparents I completely admire. Friends who bring laughter and years of understanding me. Random sprinklings of people that come through to make life interesting. Red wine. Pretty good hair. And when I hear the news of an old high school friend dying tragically in a car crash...I can't help but cherish all that I have today. What I have is so much more than what I don't.

Today, I am ok.

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