Thursday, November 5, 2009

If You Continually Make the Girl Next to You Leave..You're Doing Something Wrong

Last night while at happy hour I endured an all too typical scene. Myself and my fair-eyed beauty friend sat on our favorite bar stools enjoying rewarding cocktails and deep conversation. Well, some fluffy conversation as well. We're sociable girls. Open to public engagement and talking with strangers. We are not by any means the girls shooting daggers to anyone looking at them or attempting innocent converse. We're also not the girls begging for attention with hair flips or what have you. I'm in public because I want to be. I want the experience of my surroundings, whatever they may bring.

However, there are boundaries.

As I chatted innocently with some gentlemen beside me on similar business matters, my poor friend was left to fend for herself on what appeared to be an uncomfortable and forced conversation. I eventually noticed she was desperately trying to part with her conversation. I did all the telltale signs a friend does to bail another out of this situation.

Step 1: In a clear and pointed voice to all around, "Well, we should go. Let's get the bill."
Step 2: Getting the bill quickly and attempting to leave our seats as he continued to talk to her.
Step 3: Leaving the bar as he tried to talk her into staying.

Giant clues here. If you actually make a woman/man leave the bar because you overwhelmed them with uncomfortable or unwanted communication- you're doing something wrong. Even more giant clue is if it happens to you more than once in an evening. And eyewitnesses have assured me this particular fella I speak about continued his detrimental pattern throughout the night.

Social cues are so useful. Can't we just all get along and drink in a bar in harmony?