Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Another Man Cheats on His Wife. Big Deal.

So Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. And the news is what exactly? Am I supposed to be shocked by this? People. When will we accept the biological facts? Men, all men, would love to sleep with as many women as physically possible. This is who they are! Accept it. If I had hot men (which hot to me is unfortunately more complicated than toned bodies and sexy bedroom eyes) I might be hooking up around the world too. I just wouldn't promise with all my heart to a partner that I would stay sexually loyal. Take a man with infinite talent and success rolling around in billions of dollars and you're going to see a man who will be taking advantage of the cocktail waitresses of the world offering themselves up. The foolishness lies in Tiger thinking it wouldn't come out to the media. Now that's the news story. How naive is that? Nobody is safe these days with endless means of social communication- especially not a super celeb.

Now excuse me while I do something more important than discussing celebrity affairs- drink some wine and watch the Top Chef season finale.

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