Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's Better? Hot, Pretty, or Cute?

A couple weeks ago I was involved in a very deep, mind boggling, intense conversation mulling over the following:

Is it better to be hot, pretty, or cute?

You can probably imagine the surroundings for such a philosophical debate- a bar, Wednesday night, 4 to 2 ratio of men vs women, and possibly a round of shots had been consumed. Let me tell you flat out, it's definitely nice to be called any of the above. A friend of mine told a gentlemen once that I thought he was "adequate looking" which when verbalized in no way sounds complimentary. I believe his mouth opened in shock.

But seriously.

If you're called hot, as a woman, doesn't that sound kinda like someone is saying you're good enough to sleep with, but that's just about it? I don't know. I'm pretty sure I can't qualify for that description based on my less than flashy dressing habits, crazy hair, and inability to keep makeup on my face- thus maybe I'm biased. So, I guess if I had to choose a way to be thought of/complimented by the public, "hot" wouldn't be it. Probably not by choice. I mean really. It doesn't make sense to not want to be called hot.

Then there's pretty. That sounds nice. But that's the problem- it just sounds nice. Daisies are pretty. Sunsets are pretty. Stationary is pretty. One of those dudes from Twilight is pretty. Has pretty become a mediocre statement? If by being called "pretty" are you merely "fine" or "pleasant" and the common compliment subject? Maybe if you put pretty in front of hot and called someone "pretty hot" you'd be on to something! Take hot down a notch with a little innocence. Hmm....

And of course cute. The problem with cute is if you get called cute as a standard, you're never taken seriously. You're always the cute one. Like the guy who is always the friend. Cute implies you lack sexuality. But cute can be great when used to describe an action- like, "Girl Twentiesh is so cute when she hangs up the phone, slams it twice, and says f-u to it." Saying an action causes cuteness is a great compliment because it implies behavior leads to attract ability. Therefore in the correct context, cute is good.

So the ultimate best? To be "pretty hot who looks/is so cute when..."

This was all decided until one of the men said honestly, "When I really am in to a girl, I think she's beautiful." Moan. That's a tough standard to ever hit. But- case was quickly settled by all- being called beautiful is definitely the best.


DaniColoredGlasses said...

Nothing ruins my day like a "you're so cute" ugh!!! I'm not a puppy. Beautiful, however, makes me pause, smile, and blush. Maybe i'm just easy that way.

Katie said...

Beautiful is deffinitly the best I think! :)