Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Man I Love a Good Stereotype

Finding myself this evening in a hotel bar in Oklahoma City, well, I had no expectations. Kinda hoped my Chef Salad wouldn't be exclusively ham, iceberg lettuce and croutons- but oh well. Iceberg lettuce is refreshing and goes well with Pinot Noir (anything in my world goes well with Pinot Noir).

Wrapping up a short work trip I sat at the bar, reading my New York Times, and was so very delighted to be seated next two three great real stereotypes. Imagine if you will: Three men. Pot bellies. Golf shirts. Mid-fifties. Mustaches, oh glorious, mustaches. Not the trendy-retro-phase deal people are doing to be throwback...but authentic real-life handlebars with a touch of salt and pepper. Texans & Oklahomans, with sons at UT-Austin (where strangely being a northern gal I went to school) and jobs in commercial construction. And my God they were perfect real-life stereotypes. I am a total sucker for real-life stereotypes! I couldn't get enough. Harping on their wives, bickering about football, talking about golf, eating chicken wings. I actually diverted calls from the homeland to get high on stereotype stories. Which all brings me to this: Sometimes, life sucks. People suck. Work is stressful. Hearts are broken. People betray. But oh the joys of strangers who bring every cliche, every poor TV sitcom portrayal to life...GEMS. This. Is what makes life grand.


Anonymous said...

finally !!! as spokesperson for your faithful readership, may we please submit a request for more frequent postings ????

lauren olivia... said...

agreed! i love, as you say "getting high", on stereotypical people and their lives. i find it so entertaining! my favorite group to watch are cliche gym rats and gym bunnies. never fails to amuse me.

Anonymous said...

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