Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow. Thanks for the Support for my Goals.

Recently I made the decision to run a marathon. A big deal, sorta, but lots of people make the same decision every year. And it really isn't that far-fetched for me, I have been an athlete most of my life. And this is what we do as we get older- think of random ways to challenge ourselves and make us feel better to keep ourselves going amidst dreadful work weeks. Want to spice up your life? Start running 30 miles a week. The pain of morning meetings dulls in comparison to limping your knee across 9 miles on a Saturday afternoon. I've actually quarantined myself on Friday nights, going to bed at 10pm, so I can prepare for my Saturday long runs (I cannot be trusted anywhere near a bar). Usually this decision is met with overwhelming family & friend support. Your nearest & dearest proclaiming, "Way to go! You can do it!" Nope. Not in my family. My family thinks I'm insane. Some quotes from my lovely family gathering yesterday:

"You probably won't even finish." (Father)
"Can I give you beer somewhere?" (Brother)
"I don't know why you're doing that." (Grandpa)
"People die doing marathons." (Grandma)
Silent shaking of the head (Twin Brother)

Wow! Thanks for the support guys! Love that "you can do anything" boost you're giving me to my difficult and challenging goal. Now if I die running my marathon I'm not only going to be dead- but humiliated- my family shaking their heads when I drop at mile 22 in their I-told-you-so sentimentality. Instead of R.I.P my grave will say, "If only you listened you wouldn't be dead."

Whatever. Now I want to kick the marathon's ass even more to prove to my family I can do it. And live through it. Without drinking a beer.


Brittany said...

I'll be your cheerleader, Nicole! I think it's awesome you're running a marathon!!! Takes lots of dedication, devotion, motivation, athleticism and lung capacity (only several of which I have!). Best of luck chick!

Terese said...

Way to go! I think it's a wonderful and very healthy idea! Sorry to hear your family was so negative about it. Best of luck with your training! You can do it!

Coach Valj said...

GO for it! I love your energy!