Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reality Bites

"Back to life, back to reality....back to the here and now." 

Recognize the lyrics to this popular Soul II Soul tune? This song provided great creative inspiration for the music videos I produced/directed/starred in around the age of seven. Did I say that out loud? I woke up this morning with the lyrics buzzing through my brain, but this time ominously reminding me I had a real life to return to after my week of concert going in the great south. 

This sabbatical I've manufactured to try and figure my life's next great direction has so far proved, well, fruitless. I still have no clue. I did discover that there are people out there who really genuinely want to help, and that BF's worst side is while driving and best side is when fully satiated, that salsa is much better in Texas, that I still really love to workout-write-cook-and take pictures. Personal discoveries they are, answers to life they are not.

Thinking I better get moving on that sandwich girl cart idea....


Adei von K said...

how awesome was sxsw????? i lived vicariously thru a friend and his tweets :-(

Girl Twentiesh said...

Pretty awesome. First of all, Austin TX is one of the best cities in America (I'm biased, as I went to college there). Saw some cool acts I'd never heard of, soaked up the sun, and enjoyed the laid back culture.