Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jane of All Trades

The recent turn of economic events in my life have made me become, well, very resourceful. If you've read previous posts, I was laid off. Given-up. Fed to the dogs. Basically told I'm not worth a paycheck. That was fun. You work your a*s off for 5 years up and up and up, then you're tripping on your face as you fall down the ladder. Couple bruises and bottles of vodka later, I'm building that ladder back up. But this time, I'm changing the rules. 

As an experiment- because let's face it, not many opportunities out there in corporate America- I've decided to just take as many random jobs as possible. Freelance (in addition to my writing career). I'm not desperate- so I'm saving myself from anything requiring nudity (no offense Diablo Cody) or baby-sitting. Being murdered in a creepy basement isn't going to help matters much.

So far, so interesting. Yesterday I got paid rather well to be on a mock jury for a law firm. An insider look into the judicial system, and the absolute resolution to NEVER allow myself to be judged on a civil trial by fellow citizens determining my fate. People are not smart in a very disturbing proportion. Lets just say had it been a real trial, I'd be holed up in that jury room for weeks- as I'd never agree to their nonsensical basis of facts.

Today, I was going to be a paid before & after hair model for a local talk show. Upon arriving to the event, I was told rather flamboyantly that I looked too good to be a B&A. I'll take that! Sent home, sans a new hairdo, but still paid! I'll gladly spend an hour beating rush hour traffic to get paid for a full day of non-work.

T.B.C as my adventure into everything continues...

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Jameil said...

that's great! how do you find these jobs??