Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why are Teenagers So Giggly?

As I sit here at my favorite neighborhood cafe, I delight in the differences in clientele to entertain my wandering eyes and ears. Behind me a baby does baby things, in front of me a couple eats pastrami on rye, and next to me sits two teenagers with uncontrollable giggles. Giggles at absolutely everything- giggles at things that don't seem giggle worthy. 

A sample for you:
" I was like, so wondering (giggle giggle giggle)..."Fork scratches on the plate, causing an outburst of giggles.
"Oh my God, I like totally carried her through the first grade, I am so pissed (giggle, giggle giggle)."
"And then like, she was texting me, and like she just like totally wants all these guys attention (giggle), and I mean I would never (giggle giggle)." High-five, more giggles.
And this went on. And on. For, like totally 45 minutes. There was not 1 sentence uttered by either teenager that did not include a pre-giggle, mid-sentence giggle, or closing giggle.

Why is this? I don't remember giggling as a teen. Besides after two fresca & captain coke's in the back of my friend's convertible. Oh, how we change. Now in my late twenties, this same conversation would be more like, "That b*tch wasn't smart enough to get through the first grade without my help, let alone get into Columbia grad school- and late night texting? Pathetic." Then it'd be done and we'd be on to the next topic. No giggles involved. 

Whatever the case, these girls are making me think that A) They need some Ritalin or, B) Being a teenager is really fun/funny. I, however, enjoy my right to selective giggling. Thankfully as an adult we aren't required to compete with this teenage giggle quota. I would go so far as to bet that if I giggled like that, serious behavior therapy would be forced upon me.

Oh my, she just giggled with her mouth full of chips. This might get dangerous.

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