Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Must Men Call Out Every Hot Girl?

We've all been there. Sitting on the couch watching Sunday night TIVO and your boyfriend starts foaming at the mouth over some chick on a reality show. Yet it doesn't stop at loss of body function- he must also announce to the world what he thinks about Heidi Klum, "God, she is absolutely gorgeous." And then you look at him, and he's in his fantasy world trance where it's just him and Heidi making-out like that Chris Isaak video on the beach. 

I get there are millions of glamazon gorgeous females out there. I see them. I see them plastered on my magazines, I see them trancing around B grade television shows, I see them in their Rock & Republic skinny jeans at see-and-be-scene nightspots, I see them in the posters at the stores I shop at, and I see them in my boyfriend's dreams. Thankfully my mother always assured me that "there will always be someone smarter, someone prettier, and someone better than you." Thus, I mostly just admire these women and wonder how in DNA they got so beautiful. Natalie Portman is a wonder. She could be studied in a museum of beauty.

There are equally as beautiful men. David Beckham? Hello, he's like straight out of grecian God days. Daniel Craig as James Bond? That body could stop the world and melt all evil. The difference is that I don't comment on this out loud in front of men. Of course we girls talk about it once and awhile- but we leave it at that and our thoughts. I can't imagine sitting on the couch, watching the World Cup, and saying, "David Beckham is so undeniably delicious!" and then putting my hand on my heart to contain my quickened pulse. Nope. I just keep that little thought to myself.  But who knows? Maybe I'm missing out on something. I think I'll give vocalizing hot men a try...maybe I will be enlightened to a man's perspective.

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