Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Four Evil Words To a Single Girl

I really don't need to be asked this ever again. 
I know the intent may be flattery, I know this, but for single women it twists and turns into a declaration of our standing in the world. As you see us glimmering in difference among the landscape of the committed! The weight of a 4 worded question latches on to our consciousness and repeats over and over again in our mind like a wind-up doll. The question?

"Why are you single?"
Sometimes, elaborated on as, "Why in the world would someone like you still be single?" 

It's a question with an infinite answer. It started from day 1 of dating and ended right now, a series of interactions and people and making out that when thrown together in what is my past didn't meld into marriage or whatever else would qualify me as "not single." Um, I don't know, maybe start with the obvious...because I haven't met the right person? Maybe because if I let any jack out there claim me for his own I'd face a life of being bored to tears? Maybe because there hasn't been anyone worth it? Maybe a "girl like me" needs to find the perfect "guy like him?" But believe me, trying to compliment me by saying I'm a great catch and staring at me like I'm the hidden wonder of the world is not as flattering as you think. My little niche, my community, we're small but know what's up. Keep this wondrous question to yourself, or, just tell me I'm awesome. That always works. But after growing up in a state where people deem marriage the right of passage at 22, I'm simply bored of the question. 

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