Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do Successful People Come From Only Poverty or Prosperity?

I've been traveling for work lately and therefore have had quite a bit of time to think and compare myself to others. Naturally I started to wonder why I'm not more successful. By this age I should be successful, right? Not sure what "success" actually entails, but I'm pretty sure where I am is not getting me any membership offers. Probably need to make at least double the money I'm making now to even be an intern in the success club. And because I like to attack problems from every possible angle, I decided that my success hindering began in a condition I had no control over: middle class.

Doesn't it seem like everyone who is really successful either came from nothing or everything? It's the guy who shared bath water with his six sisters or the girl from Laguna Beach who was born in a Prada onesie that become successful. It's not really the girl who grew up in a pretty comfortable middle-class, normal suburb, did well in school, went to slightly above average colleges but not Ivy League who ends up right exactly where she began...the middle class. She's successful by not becoming a meth addict, grossly overweight, or wearing Arden B way beyond an appropriate age. But she's no Carrie Bradshaw. I did successfully just generalize and whittle it back down to myself...

On to discovering how to beat the middle class ceiling.


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cosmoyoungae in Seoul said...

It's getting difficult to be successful if you are not born in a rich family. It's sad, but it's true which we have to accept. Even the people who believe themselves as a middle-class are actually below the middle-class. They are just dreaming about fancy future and working hard but they always get less than what they expect.

Nice to meet you~ I like your blog. I'm 31. I also had a terrible 20s. I like myself in 30s much better.

cosmoyoungae in Seoul said...
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David A. Rollins said...

I have to disagree with the last post. Success is not measured by what social class you attain, it's measured by accomplishing what ever goals you set for yourself.
For example, I wanted to publish a book. I was successful at doing that. It had nothing to do with my social status. Sucess is a series of steps. Look at your life and take stock of the successes you have accomplished so far, then set a goal for the next step.
By the way, I like your blog.
Best of luck in your endeavors.
With regards,
David A. Rollins

Miss K said...

Of course they don't. It just makes for a better story.

Coming, as you say, from the middle-class, you may lack the hunger or motivation to be one of life's big winners and, let's face it, you're probably too well supported to really fuck up. Neither death nor glory but something comfortable will be your lot.

Now get along on with you! If you want to change things, do overtime, take an evening class, work two jobs and write your ten-year plan for success. Alternatively you could blog about your life - a more pleasurable, bourgeoise, time-wasterly diversion, I hope you'll agree.

All the best,

Miss K