Thursday, June 10, 2010

And Why is it People Like to Watch Real People Bicker?

Listening to television as I lay here in pain with a incredibly stiff back (apparently we fall apart as we get older) I'm in even more pain listening to these stupid bitches from The Real Housewives of New York bicker with each other. Guess I've caught the tail end of some reunion special, which by the looks of it I'm shocked anyone watched any episodes at all. I've watched the show a couple times in the last few years, in even more superficial hopes that it'd be about fashion. Show me some hot outfits and I can mute out the rest. Instead it's like being around a bunch of whiny girls in ugly outfits with ugly gay husbands and too much makeup on super shiny skin. And most of the time they're just throwing insults back and forth. Rather screeching insults back and forth. Why is this fun to watch? I don't like to be around mean petty girls in real life, so why on earth would I want to listen to perfect strangers be despicable? I don't get it. And not to mention, aren't they humiliated? I've been in fights before, and I certainly wouldn't ever want someone to see me behave irrationally on TV! I am totally missing why why why these people are entertaining. Because I'm just annoyed and embarrassed. These people make The Hills chicks seem classy.

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Anonymous said...

a record !!! three days in a row !!! we are not worthy !!!!